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Blog Tour Day 10

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Today we head to Granger, Indiana to hear a more personal experience with A New Liturgy…

Jason and I sitting on Mt of Beatitudes near the Sea of Galilee, Israel

[01.27.12] Jason Miller.  Jason is a worship leader (leading from piano, which as everyone knows, is God’s preferred instrument), the Pastor of Arts and Teaching at Granger Church (where he leads a fantastic group of artists AND does much of the teaching), an insatiable learner (currently working on his graduate degree in Theology at the University of Notre Dame), and a passionate connoisseur of fine cigars.  Basically, Jason can do anything.
But I think what I respect about him the most is his humility and drive to keep learning and growing.  Being around him always makes me want to be a better person.

In his post today, Jason shares a bit of his personal experience with A New Liturgy.  I really admire his honesty, and am deeply moved by the story…probably because I can relate to those dark moments so well.

What about you?  Have you ever been in a season like Jason describes?  (I sure have…a number of times.)  What did God do to help pull you out?

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