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TED talk: The Politics of Fiction

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This brilliant talk was both deeply challenging AND profoundly inspiring.  After watching it this afternoon, I immediately started it again…trying to soak in the fire hose of insight.  Two of her key thoughts:

ONE: “If you want to destroy something in this life, all you need to do is to surround it with thick walls.  It will dry up inside… If we have no connection whatsoever with the worlds beyond the one we take for granted, then…our imagination might shrink. Our hearts might dwindle. And our humanness might wither if we stay for too long inside our cultural cocoons.”

TWO: “Chekhov said, The solution to a problem and the correct way of posing the question are two completely separate things.  And only the latter is an artist’s responsibility.  Identity politics divides us.  Fiction (or any true art) connects.  One is interested in sweeping generalizations.  The other, in nuances. One draws boundaries. The other recognizes no frontiers.  Identity politics is made of solid bricks.  True art is flowing water.”  (Elif Shafak)

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