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Life update…

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Mac's first bath

Hey, I’m so sorry for the ten days since the last post.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks!  Here are a few things that have been going on…

(1) The baby!  Mac’s first 5 weeks on planet earth have been fantastic and exhausting.  We’re so ridiculously thankful and happy…but could use a decent night’s sleep.  But other than 48 scary hours in the hospital when he was only ten days old (which turned out to be nothing more than a cold!), all is well with the little guy.

(2) Shauna and Henry.   I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Henry's 5th Birthday

(3) A New Liturgy.  The last few weeks have been really busy in my little home studio –  working on
Liturgy No 2:  “Blessed to Be a Blessing”.  (You can check out pictures and updates at the New Liturgy Facebook Page.)  As of right now, three out of the four movements are finished, and the final movement will be done next week.  I can’t possibly convey how excited I am about all this…and really look forward to sharing it with you!

tracking bass drum in my living room

Ada Bible Church

(4) Leading Worship.  In October, I lead worship five different times, 12 services:  at Willow three times, once at Ada Bible Church, and once at Mars Hill.  And the next couple weeks are equally full.  But honestly, I love it.  It’s such a huge honor to get to serve communities in this way, and I can’t wait for this coming weekend…

[By the way, NT Wright is coming to speak at Willow this Saturday and Sunday.  He’s a genius and I can’t wait to hear what he brings.  His new book is Simply Jesus.]

There’s so much more to share!  Coming soon…

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