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Bet Lehem Live (part 3)

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Bet Lehem Live

Bet Lehem Live

The other set of lyrics that came to life in Bethlehem were from my song “God’s Children”. A couple specific lines…

“Father of the beaten down”
“Father of the most oppressed”
“Lover of each immigrant”
“God of every class from the greenest grass to the underpass.”
“You are Maker of us all.”
“The Loving Seer of us all.”

While singing these lyrics and looking out at our Palestinian brothers and sisters, I could feel a lump forming in my throat. (Which makes it tough to sing!) But what happened at the end completely blew me away. As we began the final verse…

“We were all once aliens…”

…people spontaneously starting cheering – as if to say “Yes! Us too! We’re all in this together! Thanks for seeing us! Thank you for giving voice to our shared human experience!”

I don’t think I will ever forget this moment. An unexpected holy moment of deep solidarity with 1500 Christian and Muslim Palestinians that reminded us we are all humans together on the same planet. Brothers and sisters in the deepest sense. The lyrics continued…

We were all once aliens
And we’re all so full of sin
But in Jesus’ name we are welcomed in, as citizens
A brand new family, old and young
From every nation, faith, and tongue
A new creation has begun
From every nation, faith, and tongue

O You love Your children, love Your children
Every daughter, every son
O You love Your children, all Your children
Help us see You in each one

It was really beautiful to be reminded again that God is not an American.

But the Eternal Creator loves every single one of his daughters and sons on earth…and desires that NONE should perish but that all should live an Eternal kind of Life. God loves His children, all His children. And that includes you, me, and everyone we’ll ever meet. Hallelujah!

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