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Everything I Know about Leading Worship I Learned from an Irish Rock Star

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I wrote this article a few years ago, but after seeing Bono turn Soldier field into a church service again Tuesday night, I thought I’d re-share it.  Enjoy!

“Everything I know about leading worship I learned from an Irish Rock Star”

In 1993, I tagged along with one of my friends to a U2 concert. Even though I wasn’t much of a fan, I had heard a couple of their songs on the radio and thought it might be a good show. I wasn’t prepared for what I would experience. . .

Bono just may be the greatest worship leader in history.

Some kind of supernatural group experience took place there in the LA Coliseum. We sang our lungs out and we stood in reverent awe and we raised our hands to Heaven. It was like the best church service I had ever been to. I almost hugged the drunk guy next to me.

What happened? How was he able to take 3-chord rock and roll, a bunch of video screens, and a giant mirror-ball lemon. . .and connect me with God? Why did I arrive wanting to buy a t-shirt, and leave wanting to change the world? How could something as throw-a-way as pop music connect me with the eternal?

I have a couple theories. . .

Read the whole article HERE.


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