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From activist to peacemaker

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As many of you know, my mother-in-law Lynne is a passionate, brave advocate for the poor and oppressed around the world.  I’ve learned a ton from her – particularly about the complex conflict in the Middle East – and continue to follow her lead in many ways.  She recently commented that she is…

“…in the process of moving from being an activist (angry about injustice and determined to fight it) to wanting to be an authentic peacemaker (responding with compassion and wisdom to victims on both sides of the conflict).  It’s a lot easier to be an activist than a peacemaker.”

I found this to be both inspiring and deeply challenging.  It’s so easily to rage against what is wrong (and there is a time for that, I suppose), but only peacemakers change the world.  (Tomorrow, I’m going to post a new blog post called “We all Want to Change the World”)

If you’re interested in learning more about making peace in the middle east, Lynne just posted a fantastic Middle East resource list on her blog.  It’s really worth checking out and digging into.  As Americans, we are all a part of this conflict (huge amounts of our tax dollars go to Israel and Palestine, and our political positions play a huge role in peace or strife), so let’s learn as much as we can…and be peacemakers in the widest possible sense!

a painting I saw on the wall in Bethlehem: Lady Liberty weeping over Handala (forgotten Palestinian Refugees)

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