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Four Weeks of Action and Contemplation

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The Practice

During the next four weeks of The Practice, we will immerse ourselves in practices that help us become people of action and contemplation. Most of us lean to one side or the other, right? We are naturally activistic (and often exhausted) or naturally reflective (and often self-oriented). But must we be either/or?

It’s no surprise that Jesus lived and invited us into a third way: To be prayerful activists. Engaged mystics. Grounded zealots. A community of humble courage, learning how to tangibly love God and everyone else.

So please join us to practice, learn, stumble, and practice some more. May we not be content to remain weary activists or isolated contemplatives, but instead follow Jesus into the deeper streams of Both. His unforced rhythms of Grace will lead us.

You can read about all four weeks at our, but let me quickly tell you about this Sunday, April 27th.  (I’m so excited that I can’t hold it in)

Jon Huckins

Jon Huckins

My friend Jon Huckins will present a theology of peacemaking …teaching us that “Peacemaking is the mission of God and is the vocation of God’s people. It’s central to what it means to be a follower of Jesus.” Not only does Jon live this out in his local community, but he co-founded The Global Immersion Project in 2011 to “cultivate everyday peacemakers through immersion in global conflict.”  Jon is the real deal.  You’re going to love him.  And as we follow the theme of peacemaking throughout the scriptures and Story of God, Jon will lead us in four practices to help us become peacemakers in our everyday lives.

Please feel free to join us!  This Sunday night, 7-9pm in the Willow chapel.


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