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A few examples of our attempts to flesh out a practice-based faith in different contexts, communities, and churches...


On 08.30.15, the Practice team of Aaron Niequist, Jenna Perrine, and Rhianna Godfrey led the Willow Creek Church to the communion table. Using a confession song by Glenn Packiam, a modified Eucharistic liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer, and the worship song 10000 Reasons, the whole Willow community received the bread and juice together in a new (old) way.


On 08.06.17, Aaron, Henry & Mac Niequist taught The Lord's Prayer gestures to the Mars Hill community. The gestures were created by Betsey Beckman and introduced to us by Fr Michael Sparough, SJ.


A look at Willow Creek Church's experimental worship service, "The Practice." A short documentary from Deidox films ministry, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is serving local churches. This is an excerpt from "The Divine Conspiracy Collection", a series of documentaries based on the book "The Divine Conspiracy Continued" by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr..